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The Fit Businessman Nutrition Seminar


Indoor Training in Luxembourg City


Outdoor Training in Luxembourg

9th of October 2016: The Fit Businessman Nutrition Seminar

4th of November 2015: Dubai

8th of September 2015: Luxembourg

6th of August 2015: Lyon

27th of July 2015: Cents

5th of July 2015: Luxembourg

7th of June 2015: Espoo

14th of June 2015: Luxembourg

27th of May 2015: Hamburg

9th of April 2015: Cologne

1st of November 2014: Dubai

12th of September 2014: Vienna

11th of August 2014: Helsinki

14th of June 2014: Crete

12th of April 2014: Luxembourg

23rd of March 2014: Copenhagen

22nd of March 2014: Malmö

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The Explosive Mode events are a great opportunity to get acquainted with the more complicated exercises. It's also a great way to meet other fit businessmen and fit businesswomen that like to train their speed and strength. The events usually last two to three hours. Participation in the exercises is optional. You will receive more information after signing up. The inscription is in no way binding and there is no charge what so ever. Your contact details are strictly confidential and will not be given to a third party nor used for any other purpose than to provide you with more details regarding the event you are interested in.