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Speed Day

We recommend following a yearly periodization scheme in order to improve athletic performance and to peak for specific competitions. For recreational athletes it is advisable to follow this principle for motivational purposes. After the summer competition (or beach)season, it's time to starting breaking down muscle fiber in order to reach even a better physique for the next season. But in order to work towards of our goal of increasing our explosive speed and strength, it's good to include at least one weekly Speed Day during our off-season.

Speed Day

For me, the next sprint competitions will be in January, so I have about 9 weeks to go. Until December, I will continue to mix in Crossfit and Strongman training into my training programme. Each Sunday I will perform a Speed Day including exercises, such as the ones shown in the video below. In case I've already done a Speed Day during the week, or I feel tired, I do an active recovery session instead.

All the variation that I've instroduced to my training programme during the off-season might actually even be counter-productive to my competition preparation. But hey, it's fun.

Learn more about speed and strength training by downloading the Outdoor Edition Training Guide.

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