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Explosive Mode training with Eric Snaell the Fit Businessman

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  • The new Fit Businessman book is available here. The complete nutrition and training guide for workaholics. A must have for anyone that struggles with staying in shape while working full-time and taking care of their family.

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  • Individual Explosive Mode Sessions
  • Personal training available both online and on-site. Start right away to fulfill your dream. Just PM me on Facebook or Instagram. I work a regular 9 to 5 and have a family life. So I understand the difficulties with eating well and training well under time constraints. It's challenging to get fit when you have a busy lifestyle, but not impossible.

    Order the hard-cover Fit Businessman book to get started here. Or if you are into audiobooks, you can download the Shredded 2018 audiobook here.

    The new book from Eric Snaell the Fit Businessman, who brought you SHREDDED 2018

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  • The Outdoor Training Guide is now available for download here.

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    Available Now: The Fit Businessman book.

    Explosive Mode speed and strength training targets fast twitch muscle fibers that are traditionally overlooked in regular fitness training. But fast twitch muscle fibers are more prone to muscle growth than slow twitch muscle fibers (ref 1). Furthermore, explosive training is proven to be beneficial even for endurance athletes (ref 2). So we mix in explosive exercises in all our training. Not only does it bring variety to the training, but it's also a lot of fun.

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    Explosive Mode Apparel - Now available!

    You don't have to belong to the elite to train like an athlete.

    A lot of exercises that professional athletes use are unknown to the general public. Something as simple as hill runs are rarely performed by non-members of athletic clubs. Keep yourself updated with the latest excercises and news by joining our mailinglist below.

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    Fastlane Strength Ambigram Hoodie with Glitter Foil

  • Explosive Mode Apparel
  • Wear clothes that inspire you to train. The optimal fabric won't let you down in the middle of your training session. This is what works for us.

    Check out the special foil on the Fastlane/Strength ambigram hoodie in this video.

    Explosive Mode presents Eric Snaell the Fit Businessman OUTDOOR EDITION

  • The Fit Businessman Media Series
  • The Fit Businessman book and DVD series offer the complete training and nutrition package for busy people. Learn for instance how you can train without a gym membership and how to perform active recovery during your holidays. The new Outdoor Edition is now available for download here.


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